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The Beginner's Guide to React Testing

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Know you should be writing tests but don't know where to start? This guide is for you.

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Do you find yourself asking these questions when it comes to testing in React?

  • How do I get started testing?
  • What are all the React testing tools and how do I use them?
  • Which testing framework should I use (Enzyme or React Testing Library)?
  • What are the different types of tests we use in React?
  • How do I make testing a habit?
  • What's a good level of test coverage?
  • Should I be doing test-driven development (TDD)?

If so, then this guide is for you.

The Beginner's Guide to React Testing is part of an ongoing series of articles and guides from Testing ReactJS.

About the author

Hey, I'm Max Rozen!

I've been building React apps both professionally and for side-projects since 2016. I've worked on all sorts of React apps, from small apps with a single page, up to enterprise scale web apps with tens of thousands of users per day.


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This book is free!

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Absolutely, yes.

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Feb 2021
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The Beginner's Guide to React Testing

4 ratings
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